November 30, 2023

Newspaper giant from Britain, The Guardian has confirmed its systems have been hit by a cyber attack, which it believes is likely a ransomware attack.

The incident was confirmed by The Guardian itself and said that the incident began late on Tuesday and has affected parts of the company’s IT infrastructure.

Due to which, The Guardian said it’s experiencing disruption in services services, and employees have been told to work remotely for the rest of the week. However, the company says that online publishing is largely unaffected, adding that it was “confident” it could still produce Thursday’s print newspaper.

It’s also unclear who is behind the attack, details on data stolen, and the incident doesn’t yet appear to have been claimed by any major ransomware group.

News organizations around have become regular targets for cyberattacks.

  • In September, hackers breached the internal systems of U.S. business publication Fast Company to send offensive push notifications to Apple News users.
  • The New York Post also confirmed that it was hacked in October. It later claimed that a rogue employee was to blame for the unauthorized conduct.

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