September 30, 2023

Australia has been under a prolific cyber attack in recent months. This time, the Australian Fire Rescue from Victoria became a victim of the attack.

Fire Rescue Victoria has confirmed that it was the victim of a cyber attack that has caused the service to shut down some of its systems last week.

The IT outage incident seems to have begun early on Thursday early morning, 15 December, and was then confirmed the next day on 16 December. The impact was observed across the network.


Upon being alerted to this issue, FRV immediately enacted emergency protocols to ensure our response arrangements were not impacted. FRV continued to monitor the widespread IT outage and that it was, indeed, hacked. Preliminary investigations confirm this has been a cyber attack by an external third party and that FRV systems are impacted.

FRV has taken decisive action in response to this incident and is working around the clock with specialist cyber security firms and our partners in the state and federal governments, including the Australian Cyber Security Center.

Attackers behind this attack are still unknown.

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