September 27, 2023

CrowdStrike has expanded its Falcon platform to deliver enhanced adversary-driven External Attack Surface Management technology.

The feature Falcon Surface, a new standalone module that includes capabilities from CrowdStrike’s recent acquisition of Reposify. The module delivers advanced EASM with enhanced adversary intelligence and real-time discovery of internet exposures.

Falcon Surface reimagines EASM by enabling organizations to understand the external attack surface from an adversary’s perspective based on the company’s threat intelligence.


Falcon Surface uses a real-time 24/7 engine to scan the entire internet to identify risky exposure of known and unknown assets. Scanning based on domain addresses, the service is claimed to provide unmatched data accuracy with advanced attribution techniques and actionable remediation steps.


  • Continuous visibility into an organization’s exposed assets and security posture, allowing organizations to stay on top of any changes with an always up-to-date asset inventory.
  •  Insights from the service are tailored to customer needs, delivering information on exposures and security issues that are flagged and prioritized.
  • It allows users to generate an action plan that automatically suggests remediation steps to quickly minimize the risks that have the biggest impact on their security posture.

CrowdStrike also integrates EASM technology across the Falcon platform, starting with its Threat Intelligence product suite and Security & IT Operations product suite. Enabling organizations to gain expanded visibility into external adversary activity within Falcon Intelligence.


By integrating Falcon Surface with Falcon Discover and Falcon Spotlight, users obtain a 360-degree view of the enterprise attack surface and exposures from both the outside-in and inside-out with integrations across CrowdStrike’s IT hygiene and vulnerability management modules.

Falcon Surface and the integration with Falcon Intelligence Recon are now generally available. Integrations with Falcon Spotlight and Falcon Discover will be generally available in the second half of 2023.

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