December 1, 2023

Intersport, a sports goods maker, has been hit by the Hive ransomware, which leaked records of its customers’ personal data. The breach allegedly happened in November, with details made available only on the dark web.

Passports, paystubs, and other details on Intersport customers are included in a sample file that Hive leaked on the dark web.


The main victims were from the northern Hauts-de-France region, according to stores identified in the leaked files, but also other regions, such as the center Île-de-France, had also been affected.

Hive ransomware gang given, Intersport was handed a same-day deadline to pay an undisclosed amount.

The notorious Raas group Hive, which is linked to Russia, is widely regarded as having infiltrated more than 1,300 businesses over the course of its nefarious criminal career.

Hive Ransomware Group has claimed credit for ongoing disruptions to Knox College’s computer systems.

In an email sent to a number of Knox students, Hive says it has encrypted “critical infrastructure and data,” compromised the college’s backup servers and mined sensitive personal information like medical records and social security numbers.


In less than 24 hours , your data will be leaked on our site, Additionally all of your SSN and medical records will be put for sale for every hacker to gain access and use your data in whatever illegal activity they want.

Knox College did not confirm whether the system disruptions have been caused by Hive or are to the extent described in the email. It is also unclear how many people received the email.

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