December 2, 2023

Beyond Identity offers integration with Zscaler to strengthen zero-trust architecture and reduce attack surfaces.

This integrated offering provides enterprises with continuous identity, device inspection, and verification, enabling the real-time exchange of risk signals. The risk signals are incorporated before initial user authentication and monitored continuously, increasing the security of the entire user session.

Ongoing risk signal exchange between Beyond Identity and Zscaler also allows for near-real-time notification and enforcement should a device fall out of compliance during an active session. Additional support allows for session termination and remediation to ensure both the user and device are ready for re-authentication.


With the integration, Beyond Identity and Zscaler customers can modernize their MFA strategies, minimize the risk of password-based and MFA-bypass breaches, and extend the footprint of existing cybersecurity investments.

Through the elimination of the need for a password, usability and user satisfaction are improved while removing entire authentication attack vectors.

The integration comes after DevSecOps integration with HashiCorp in September.

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