June 3, 2023

Vice Society has supposedly posted data stolen from IKEA stores in Morocco and Kuwait. Snippets from the ransomware gang’s leak site suggest threat actors got a hold of confidential business data.

Names of the files on Vice Society’s leak site also point to threat actors taking data from IKEA stored in Jordan as well. File and folder names indicate that sensitive employee data such as passports might have leaked.


IKEA, the Swedish-Dutch furniture manufacturer headquartered in the Netherlands, operates two stores in Jordan, three in Kuwait, and four in Morocco.

Last year, IKEA was hit by a wave of email reply-chain cyberattacks that targeted the company’s internal mailboxes, as well as those of IKEA’s suppliers and business partners.

Washington County is affected by a cyber-attack during this Thanksgiving holiday.  Several services and websites remain unavailable. The county is actively investigating with the help of third-party partners.

The government is currently unable to accept taxes, water/sewer service payments and other payments, or to process or issue permits, the county said in a Nov. 27 update on its Facebook page.

The emergency management department was impacted by the incident, but the county emphasized that residents can still call 911 and that county phone services remain unimpacted.


The county is working with third-party experts to investigate the source of this disruption, confirm its impact on our systems, and restore full functionality to county services as soon as possible, per its statements.

Holidays are a prime time for cyber attackers to strike, because perpetrators see advantages like closed offices or reduced staffing as employees spend time with friends and family, the CISA and FBI warned.

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