October 3, 2023

A notorious ransomware group Ragnar locker has begun leaking sensitive data that it stolen from Belgian police (Zwijndrecht in Antwerp city), one of the biggest breaches of its kind in the country.

Threat actors were able to gain access to the administrative network, The police zone personnel, which is most impacted, has been informed. Due to the secrecy of the investigation, we limit ourselves to this information

Belgian Police Statement

Administrative staff are most impacted by the incident, they’re certainly not the only ones. This is a case of human error, and this is how crime reports and fine notices, but also photographs of child abuse have been leaked. The report suggested that records dating back to 2006 were accessed by the hackers.


It’s unclear how many citizens are affected by the breach, but they include victims, perpetrators, witnesses, and those under surveillance with potentially far-reaching consequences if their identities are uncovered.

GDPR will also come into play if any PII of police officers is leaked and will be taken into consideration by the local privacy watchdog.

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