December 6, 2023

The European Parliament website was forced offline for around two hours on Wednesday after a pro-Kremlin group flooded it with traffic.

It’s unclear about DDoS attack depth. The site was only down for around two hours. Sources have linked the attack to pro-Russian cybercrime group Killnet, which is known for striking high-profile sites to score geopolitical points for the Kremlin.

During this week, it targeted various sites in the UK in retaliation for the country’s support for Ukraine, including the Bankers Automated Clearing Service (BACS), the London Stock Exchange, and the official website of the Prince of Wales.


The European Parliament attack appeared to be a reaction to the chamber’s declaration of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. Russia was committing war crimes in Ukraine and called for more sanctions, further international isolation, and a total ban on Russian institutions spreading propaganda

This DDoS attack on the European Parliament is the latest effort from hacktivists to disrupt high-profile websites as part of their political agenda.

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