September 22, 2023

The Russian cybercriminals behind the Medibank hack have released stolen data about sexually transmitted infections and other health conditions, stepping up the pressure on the nation’s biggest health insurer.

The ransomware group dumped the fifth tranche of customer health information on the dark web overnight after the company refused earlier this month to pay a $US10 million ($15 million) ransom to get it back.


Added more files psycho.csv, hiv.csv, viral_hepatitis.csv, std.csv, ….”,

Attackers statement

They had not posted any new files since 13 November, when they announced they were bypassing a week “in a hope something meaningful happens” regarding their ransom demands.

Medibank said the data comprised four files containing 1,496 records.

Medibank confirmed there was information on chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and asthma, people with cancer and people with mental health conditions, including delerium, and other conditions.

Medibank also reminded customers impacted by the data theft they can get help through its Cyber Response Support Program. This includes mental health and wellbeing support, identity protection and financial hardship measures.

Medibank also increased its customer support team by more than 300 people.

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