September 23, 2023

India’s leading central securities depository, Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL), says its systems have been compromised by malware.

On Friday, the securities depository said in a filing with India’s National Stock Exchange that it detected malware affecting “a few of its internal machines. Also it has immediately acted and isolated the machines and disconnected itself from other constituents of the capital market,”.

CSDL said it continues to investigate, and that it has so far “no reason to believe that any confidential information or the investor data has been compromised” due to the incident.


It has reported the incident to the relevant authorities and is working with its cyber security advisors to analyze the impact.

CDSL has not yet revealed the exact details of the malware. the company’s website was down now while writing.

Mumbai-based CDSL claims to maintain and service nearly 75 million trader accounts locally called demat accounts of investors across the country. CDSL is India’s only publicly listed and the country’s second-largest depository after the National Depository Services Limited, or NDSL, the oldest securities depository.

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