June 9, 2023

Palo Alto Networks has acquired cybersecurity startup Cider Ltd. The deal value is $195 million and deal is set to be closed by first half of 2023.

Israel-based Cider Security provides a platform that helps software teams find and resolve vulnerabilities in application code. It can also find vulnerabilities in the tools that a software team uses to develop applications.

Cider Security’s platform tools can analyze an application’s source code to find security flaws. They can identify any vulnerable open-source components that an application may contain, encryption keys managed in an insecure manner and several other types of software flaws.


The platform prioritizes the vulnerabilities surfaced by a code scanning tool based on their severity to streamline the troubleshooting process. It also helps software teams secure the tools they use to develop applications.

It automatically maps out the different development tools used by a company’s developers. It then identifies potential configuration issues that may create a risk of cyberattacks.

The company’s technology will complement Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Cloud platform. Prisma Cloud can detect vulnerabilities in an application’s code, as well as spot cyberattacks that attempt to target those vulnerabilities. Using Cider Security’s technology, Palo Alto Networks can help companies secure not only their application code but also the tools with which they manage the code.

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