December 9, 2023

AWS customers now have access to F5’s AI-driven bot protection through an easy to deploy connector.

Most of consumers’ favorite sites, logins, and applications are crawling with them at this very moment and cause havoc on customers and organizations, and impose heavy financial costs. When confronted with attempts to stop them, bots easily retool and resume their attacks.

Amazon CloudFront customers now can further protect their apps with one of the world’s most accurate bot detection solutions, with a pre-built integration via connector to F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense. Using rich signal analysis, AI, and human domain expertise, customers get high-efficacy bot mitigation with industry-leading false positive rates.


F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense provides critical functionality for CloudFront, preventing Account Takeover (ATO), credential stuffing, inventory hoarding, and gift card cracking, stopping debilitating automated bot attacks while maintaining access for customers and the good bots that help drive their business.

Customers can increase security for their applications without adding friction. In addition, they can limit the fraud and abuse that results when fake accounts are created, or existing accounts are used to commit fraud. Not only are customers able to better defend their brand, but they can provide end users with safe, seamless, and secure experiences with improved uptime and app performance.

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