September 25, 2023

One of Cybercrime fraud has been busted by Delhi police which is astonishing. Delhi cyber crime branch has busted a gang of 20 cyber criminals for scamming more than 1,000 people online in the name of Ola scooter booking and making crores.

This could be the biggest scam of the year because, so far, this is the first time anyone has ever thought about tricking people on the name of an authorized company. The scam came into the limelight after an FIR was lodged under Section 420 of IPC by cyber police on October 7, 2022.


A replica website of Ola scooters that looks exactly like the original website was created by the scammers. The prime target was the Ola scooter’s potential buyers. As soon as victim land on the fake website and share their details to book the vehicle, details will be transferred to the other gang members in other states.

The victim will soon receive a call from Bihar or another state seeking payment of Rs 499 for booking an Ola scooter. Once the victim pays the amount, he or she will be asked to transfer another Rs 60,000 to 70,000 in the name of a down payment and shipping charges.

If you are approached by any person or organisation(s) claiming to sell our revolutionary Ola Scooter through any website / phone call / poster / social media post / whatsapp forward, we urge you to inform the local police and / or report it to

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