September 25, 2023

Access to the internal network at Deutsche Bank is apparently being sold on Telegram by an initial access broker

The broker claims to have access to 21,000 machines and 16 terabytes of data. They are selling it for 7.5 Bitcoin, worth approximately £110,000. Based in Frankfurt, the bank manages assets worth more than $1.3trn.

The broker, named Ox_dump, announced on Telegram that they possess access to internal networks and machines at Deutsche Bank.


“We are selling another network access of a particular bank,” they said. “We have DA (direct access), domain has around 21 k machines configured mostly with Windows.” 

The broker claims to be able to enter numerous TCPs and UDPs as well as HTTP and HTTPS which allows them to access different parts of the network. Access to FTP, shells and servers are listed at the head of the announcement. The IAB also claims to have access to file servers with more than 16 terabytes of internal data, including office chat data.

If these claims are validated, such access could be devastating for the bank’s reputation.

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