September 30, 2023

VMware has released a new extended detection product designed to significantly improve threat detection and prevention across endpoints and networks.

VMware Carbon Black XDR extends VMware’s network visibility and detection to VMware Carbon Black Enterprise EDR by enhancing lateral security through leveraging telemetry within VMware Contexa.

VMware Contexa is VMware’s cloud-delivered threat intelligence solution that shares context across users, endpoints, and workloads across multiple clouds. It processes more than 1.5 trillion endpoint events and more than 10 billion network flows daily. It also curates threat intelligence data captured through technology partnerships.

VMware Carbon Black XDR taps into Contexa to allow security teams to identify threats quickly across their environment and make better-informed decisions in applying prevention policies.


VMware also announced new and enhanced offerings for VMware Cross-Cloud services to help customers navigate the multicloud era with freedom, flexibility, and security.

VMware Cross-Cloud services offer a unified and simplified way to build, operate, access, and better secure any application on any cloud from any device. The service’s pillars include App Platform, Cloud Management, Cloud & Edge Infrastructure, Security and Networking, and Anywhere Workspace.

Few other announcements are also made which includes VMware targeting remote workers with a beefed-up software-defined wide area network product.  The new offering is said to provide simplicity at scale with a new client that runs on all major desktop and mobile platforms.

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