December 8, 2023

Uptycs announced enhanced Kubernetes and container security capabilities that provide threat detection for container runtime correlated with Kubernetes control plane attacks.

Its designed to assist organizations using or evaluating Kubernetes, orchestrates the operation of containers, which in turn hold the components of modern applications. Using the enhanced protection, organizations can detect attacks against their Kubernetes deployments by adopting a shift-up approach to cybersecurity.

The shift-up approach involves analyzing telemetry from Kubernetes clusters and containers, laptops and cloud services, with the data processed, correlated and analyzed in a data lake. The service also scans container images in registries for vulnerabilities, malware, credentials, secret keys and other sensitive information.


The new Kubernetes and container runtime security features include threat detection, which combines anomalous Kubernetes actions with actions on a granular container lever.

It work in real time and store the behavior for investigation, reducing mean time to detection, collecting forensic evidence for investigation, and determining the full scope of the incident as it happens.

Registry scanning in the release enables the ability to look for vulnerabilities in container images in a registry. Registry support includes AWS ECR, Azure Container Registry, DockerHub and jFrog Artifactory.

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