December 3, 2023

The CCSP exam is not just easy like many other cloud exams. Microsoft, AWS, GCP) test your technical language but CCSP test your thinking. Its nothing you can’t prepare for. It tests your knowledge of the following CCSP domains:

  • Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design
  • Cloud Data Security
  • Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security
  • Cloud Application Security
  • Cloud Security Operations
  • Legal, Risk and Compliance

The format might change as (ISC)2 continuously revise their exams, so please check the official website to for keeping you up-to-date with the latest developments.


Along with the official (ISC)2 guides, here are some of the resources I used in my studies:

To add video lectures to your study plan, below are the references which I used in my exam preparation.


Take some practice questions: there are books and mobile apps that helps in exam preparation. Practical experience in cloud security is also essential.

Review Videos –

On the exam day, read the questions carefully. If you are not clear about the questions, till its clear to you. It’s not a time pressured exam. Eliminate the wrong options first and then decide on the best out of the remaining ones.

Approach the questions from the perspective of a manager/consultant. What would you recommend in each situation? Keep your business in mind and technical stuff lighter.


Don’t stress too much about the result. I’m sure you’ll pass, if not in first attempt, you’ll learn either way! Remember, the atmost result is that the knowledge you accumulate in the process of preparing for the test itself has the most value, not the credential.

All the Best for you preparation and exams

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