November 30, 2023

The Windows 11 22H2 version includes a new feature designed to keep you even safer than before from phishing attacks.

The new protections don’t need much in the way of setup or configuration the idea is they just work when required. It’s still important to be aware of how they work, and how they keep you safe.

Keeping computer’s software from up to date is one of the key. Modern-day applications are built with security in mind and should throw up warnings when the majority of phishing attacks are detected.


This brings us to the enhanced phishing protection now available in Windows 11. Whenever password is entered into any application or website, Windows will check whether or not there’s a secure connection to a trusted place on the web receiving that information.

If username and password data have been sent somewhere unknown and potentially untrustworthy you’ll see a message onscreen advising you to change your password to something different. The idea is that you’ll be able to modify your login credentials before anyone has been able to exploit them.

The new enhanced phishing protection built into Windows will also keep an eye on passwords that you use for programs and websites and warn you if any of them match the password you also use to sign into Windows: Keeping each of your passwords separate and unique is important for keeping your accounts safe.

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