December 3, 2023

The U.S. CISA added a recently disclosed critical vulnerability in Atlassian’s Bitbucket Server and Data Center to its  Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog.

Atlassian fixed a critical flaw in Bitbucket Server and Data Center in August 2022, tracked as CVE-2022-36804 with a CVSS score 9.9, that could be explored to execute malicious code on vulnerable installs

The flaw is a command injection vulnerability that can be exploited via specially crafted HTTP requests.


The issue impacts all versions released after  6.10.17 including 7.0.0 and newer are affected, this means that all installs that are running any versions between 7.0.0 and 8.3.0 inclusive are impacted.

CISA orders federal agencies to fix these vulnerabilities by October 21, 2022.

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