December 5, 2023

Google has  announced the general availability of several security features that will help customers more easily analyze their data and protect it from cyberattacks.

The enhancement features are rolling out for the Container Scanning API and Cloud Firewall services.

Google’s Container Scanning API service can check a company’s software containers for known software vulnerabilities. The tool is now capable of scanning code written in the Go programming language for security flaws.


Google has also added the ability to detect vulnerabilities in Java code files processed using Maven, a popular open-source application development tool.

Google’s Cloud Firewall service is receiving a feature called Tags that will make it easier to apply cybersecurity rules to cloud resources. Google is also adding a second capability called Network Firewall Policies that will make it easier for administrators to manage a cloud environment’s firewall configuration settings.

Google announced the preview of a new tool called Log Analytics. It’s part of Cloud Logging, an existing Google Cloud service that enables companies to collect data about potential errors in their cloud environments.

 With the newly added Log Analytics tool, customers can also analyze that data to find useful patterns.

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