December 2, 2023

Tanium has announced several integrations with Microsoft and the Tanium XEM platform to deliver enhanced security, performance, and automation at a large scale.

With these integrations, Tanium’s real-time endpoint data is accessible directly from the Microsoft Sentinel console, enabling organizations to detect, investigate, triage, prioritize and remediate threats automatically.

The integration extends Sentinel’s advanced security and analytics capabilities, reducing the number of false positives that require disposition and allowing security practitioners to better identify threats that might otherwise be missed.


The integration with Sentinel also enables active threat hunting. Using Tanium’s detailed real-time data taken directly from endpoints, security practitioners can correlate alerts sourced from both Microsoft and Tanium across an entire IT environment. This allows incident responders to take immediate action on alerts as they happen, including quarantining a device, deploying a patch, or updating software, all from the Sentinel console.

For Microsoft customers, the integration delivers the ability to monitor and ensure their Microsoft solutions are highly available and operate at optimal health. With a real-time distributed architecture, Tanium independently verifies that all Microsoft services are deployed, up-to-date and validated on every endpoint.

Tanium is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and can be purchased directly. Customers can apply the purchase to their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitments.

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