June 6, 2023

Samsung Electronics has disclosed that it experienced a data breach in which hackers accessed some of customers’ information in U.S.

The breach was first detected in late July, on Aug. 4, the company determined that the hackers gained access to personal information belonging to some of its U.S. customers.


The company has engaged leading cybersecurity experts and coordinating with law enforcement.

Samsung didn’t disclose how much customers’ data was accessed. However, the hackers may have stolen PII such as customers’ names, contact and demographic information, dates of birth and product registration data and excluding SSN and credit/debit card numbers

The company has begun notifying affected customers about the incident and advising customers to review their accounts for suspicious activity and avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments from suspicious emails.


Earlier in the year, Samsung experienced another cyberattack in which hackers stole 200 gigabytes of internal data from the company, including software code. Samsung stated at the time that no personal information belonging to customers or employees was accessed in the cyberattack.

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