September 27, 2023

TAP Air Portugal’s was hit by a cyberattack on Aug. 26, and it claims that it stopped the attack and no airline customer data was compromised.

Ragnar Locker responded on Aug. 31 claiming that it had indeed breached TAP’s systems and stolen customer data, and included a screenshot of what it said was a sample of the exfiltrated records, loaded with names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, corporate IDs, travel information, nationality, gender, and other personal information.


The threat actor also attempted to shame TAP, claiming that the data breach could result in the largest lawsuit in history, inferring that the personal information of at least hundreds of thousands of TAP customers was impacted in the incident.

TAP Air Portugal is sticking to the company’s original position, reiterating the company blocked the cyberattack, adding, however, that the airline’s app, website, and miles program are still “registering some instability.”

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