December 9, 2023

Palo Alto Networks is expanding its Prisma SASE platform, with new artificial intelligence features for detecting cyberattacks. 

Prisma SASE provides tools for both maintaining and securing network infrastructure in a single product suite.

The tools in the Prisma SASE suite that focus on network maintenance provide features for performing tasks such as connecting branch offices to the corporate network. The tools focused on cybersecurity, in turn, help detect and block malicious activity.


With this update,  Prisma SASE’s capabilities is now expanded for securing software-as-a-service applications.

Prisma SASE is receiving a feature that enables administrators to lock SaaS security settings. This feature makes it impossible to change a setting in a way that could create an opportunity for hackers to launch a cyberattack.

Prisma SASE now enables administrators to centrally monitor and configure the security settings of multiple SaaS applications. Administrators can fix misconfigured settings with one click in certain cases.

Detecting SaaS vulnerabilities is one of several cybersecurity tasks that Prisma SASE is designed to ease.

Prisma SASE includes a tool for blocking network requests from malicious URLs or web addresses that, have been made more effective as part of today’s update. A set of new AI-based detection features enable the tool to detect 40% more threats.


Prisma SASE has been loaded with AI features specifically designed to detect emerging types of command-and-control attacks. According to the company, the AI features make the suite 48% more effective at spotting such hacking campaigns.

Prisma SASE includes tools that administrators can use to manage their company’s network infrastructure. Palo Alto Networks is enhancing that part of the suite with an AI-powered maintenance tool designed to automate common troubleshooting tasks.

The tool can automatically find the root cause of certain network-related technical issues. It generates troubleshooting recommendations to help administrators resolve outages faster.  Currently  the rolling out the software upgrades is in progress

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