December 8, 2023

Deloitte has launched Zero Trust Access, a new managed service that provides a cloud-native approach to securing communications between users, on any device, and enterprise applications, wherever they may reside.

The Zero Trust concept commits to removing implicit trust within an information technology ecosystem and replacing it with a risk-based approach to accessing organizational resources across identities, workloads, data, networks, and devices.


The service will be available as a standalone, integrated with other Deloitte offerings, or as part of a broader solution leveraging technologies from Deloitte’s alliance ecosystem.

According to the release, it facilitates Zero Trust adoption and the evolving needs of organizations in protecting their applications, infrastructure, and data.

Zero Trust Access was built as a turnkey managed service helping ourselves and our clients accelerate the adoption of this transformative security framework. Our goal was to create a cost-effective solution that can be delivered standalone or complementary to a broader ecosystem, and ultimately help decrease the burden on IT and security teams who likely need to manage multiple heterogeneous solutions to achieve similar outcomes.

With innovative data protection leveraging device-level secure microcontainer technology, Zero Trust Access helps protect infrastructure while also enabling organizations to protect sensitive enterprise data and enforce the least privilege through dynamic access control to enterprise assets.

The managed service can replace remote access solutions inclusive of a VPN, VDI, and DaaS, all of which typically require significant capital expenditure for infrastructure, high operating costs, and technology management overhead.


Deloitte states on its Web site that in this era of evolving business models, shifting workforce dynamics, cloud adoption, and increased device and connectivity complexity, many organizations are prioritizing the adoption of the Zero Trust security model.

A Zero Trust strategy for cybersecurity provides the opportunity to create a more robust and resilient posture, simplify security management, improve end-user experience, and enable modern IT practices.

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