September 21, 2023

Rezilion, a provider of DevSecOps automation tools announced the full availability of its, automated vulnerability management solution.

Applying automation at all critical stages in the software security workflow, providing security teams with full-stack assurance, and giving developers time back to build more products is a key capability of the tool.


Since the software attack surface rapidly changes, security, development, and infrastructure teams seeking to secure their software can’t keep pace.

Rezilion features include deep vulnerability validation through a Next Generation Vulnerability Database of thousands of vulnerabilities, empowering understanding of whether a vulnerable file is loaded to memory and whether the specific vulnerable class or function is executed which will further reduce their patching backlogs.

Support for continuous integration in the release meshes Rezilion directly into development pipelines, providing customers immediate feedback and saving them time on patching vulnerabilities.


Remediation workflow integrations facilitate automated ticketing with tools including Jira and ServiceNow, and the service’s fully automated remediation capability will work in CI Pipelines to provide automatic upgrading and testing of vulnerable packages that are found to be exploitable.

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