September 21, 2023

A healthcare clinic Mattax Neu Prater Eye Center in Missouri has informed US regulators of a data breach incident affecting more than 90K individuals that took place during December 2021

According to HIPAA, 92,361 individuals were impacted by the breach.

Due to third -party data security incident may have resulted in unauthorized access to the sensitive personal information of some patients. – as per the Mattax Neu Prater statement


By December 4, 2021, an unauthorized party accessed myCare Integrity data and deleted databases and system configuration files. The platform is owned by practice performance company Eye Care Leaders.

After discovering the suspicious activity, Eye Care Leaders said its incident response team immediately stopped the unauthorized access and began investigating.

No evidence for this incident to be described as unauthorized access to any of Mattax Neu Prater’s patient records. This incident has affected eye care practices across the country, and is not specific to Mattax Neu Prater and happened within the Eye care Leaders environment

Mattax Neu Prater said it does not have any evidence of identity theft as a result of the incident but has informed anyone who might be impacted via postal mail.


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