December 8, 2023

Palo Alto Networks is upgrading its Prisma Cloud platform with new features for detecting vulnerabilities and malicious activity in cloud environments.

The new release adds features for securing cloud environments that focusing on easing the detection of breach indicators in a cloud environment’s network traffic.


Using inline scanning approach that involves rerouting the traffic traveling between two applications through a common system, which analyzes the traffic for signs of a breach. But the pain points is  this process decreases the speed at which the traffic reaches the destination affecting the application performance.

With the new release of Prisma Cloud,a new feature so-called out-of-band scanning that promises to ease cybersecurity operations for customers. Out-of-band scanning removes the need to reroute network traffic through a cybersecurity system. Instead, a copy of the traffic cqn e created and scan the copy for malicious activity, which doesn’t hurt applications’ ability to exchange data.

The feature is joined by a new ML tool for identifying malicious DNS, or DNS traffic. The DNS is a key component of the internet responsible for translating URLs to IP addresses, which is a prerequisite to establishing many network connections. Prisma Cloud can now help companies more effectively block hacking campaigns that involve malicious DNS requests. 

The new Prisma Cloud release also includes other enhancements. It make easier to map out what applications, containers and other components comprise a multicloud environment. Prisma Cloud also simplifies the task of scanning those components for potential vulnerabilities.


A new alert prioritization tool will help administrators organize potential security issues that Prisma Cloud detects by severity and tackle the most pressing incidents first. The tool prioritizes breach alerts using MITRE ATT&CK, a widely used cybersecurity framework. MITRE ATT&CK provides technical data on common hacking tactics to help companies more effectively detect and remediate breach attempts.

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