December 5, 2023

Cyber Spetsnaz group announced coordinated DDoS attack on the critical infrastructure of Lithuanian government. This attack is spiked due to the recent ban on Russian railway goods.


The escalation was caused by Vilnius’s refusal to allow steel and iron ore to cross the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. Russia has alreasy warned Lithuania of the consequences of rail transit blockades but didn’t specify how exactly they will be conducted.

Security experts have observed the activity is expected considering war conflicts and follows today’s geopolitical agenda. Cyber Spetsnaz began gaining more traction and involved multiple credible actors with DDoS capabilities.

The group is leveraging cost-effective means and methods of DDoS, by doing so they generate significant DDoS power by attacking compromised WEB-resources, WEB-sites, IoT devices and botnet networks belonging to other independent actors who agreed to join the campaign.


The list of targets represents a comprehensive list of critical infrastructure resources in Lithuania.

Current targets for attack include:

  • logistics companies (Adrem, Talga)
  • transport infrastructure (Transimeksa, Kelprojektas)
  • major financial institutions of Lithuania (Central Bank, Stock Exchange, Swedbank, SEB, etc.)
  • ISPs (Tele2, Telia, Penki, Mezon, Cgates, Fastlink)
  • airports (Vilnius Airport, Kaunas Airport, Palanga Airport, Siauliai Airport)
  • energy companies (Ignitis Grupe, Ministry of Energy, Aedilis)
  • major media outlets (Delfi, Nedelia, ZW)
  • government WEB-resources (President, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Police)

This week one of the units of Cyber Spetnaz called “Zarya” has announced the attack against which was one of the 1st targets of the new campaign.

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