December 9, 2023

Cloudflare introduced numerous capabilities for Cloudflare One, the company’s zero-trust secure access service edge platform.

Cloudflare One include sophisticated email security protection, data loss prevention tools, CASB and private network discovery. This makes Cloudflare one platform the only cloud-native zero-trust solution with a global network scale.


It unifies network security-as-a-service built natively into one of the world’s largest networks. That provides fast, reliable global connectivity, cloud based security and better visibility and control through a common dashboard and application programming interfaces.

The platform enables organizations to secure their applications and employees quickly against the modern threat landscape without the complex integration costs or disrupting employee productivity like many legacy systems.

The new features include automatically protecting users from phishing attacks. The feature combines Area 1 Security’s phishing protection with Cloudflare’s Remote Browser Isolation, automatically quarantining malicious links in a remote browser session.


Cloudflare’s global network allows zero-trust filtering to be applied to everything, without slowing it down. With Cloudflare’s zero-trust platform providing controls in real time with built-in data loss prevention tools to scan for sensitive information or against data-at-rest with an API-driven CASB.

With Cloudflare Magic wide-area network general availability, Cloudflare One now provides the ability to connect and secure data, devices, offices, cloud networks and more without relying on hardware boxes.

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