December 8, 2023

Microsoft announced its plans to acquire cyberthreat analysis and research company Miburo. The cybersecurity company specializes in detecting and responding to foreign information operations.

Microsoft plans to use Miburo’s cybersecurity tech to partner with other companies in the public and private sectors to find ways to stop foreign adversaries from threatening public and private sector customers.

Miburo will become part of the Customer Security and Trust organization, with Founder Clint Watts continuing to head the group, the post stated.


By adding the Miburo analyst team to the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center, Threat Context Analysis team, and Microsoft’s data scientist teams, Microsoft can expand its threat detection and analysis capabilities.

This expansion will help take Microsoft to new cybersecurity heights, addressing new cyberattacks and looking into how foreign cyber criminals use data information to commit cybercrimes.

Miburo’s research teams have the capability to detect extremist influence campaigns in 16 languages. These capabilities will grow with Microsoft’s resources, leading the way for cybersecurity innovation.

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