November 30, 2023

Qualys announced a new release of its Qualys Vulnerability Management, Detection and Response today.

The new solution is designed to deliver insights into an organization’s unique risk posture, along with the ability to use orchestrate responses. Qualys VMDR 2.0 is said to provide insight that security and IT teams need to focus on the vulnerabilities that genuinely reduce risk.


Qualys VMDR 2.0 with TruRisk allows security and IT teams to reduce risk with holistic scoring quantifying risk across the entire attack surface, including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and digital certificates.

Qualys says the service can exploit intelligence from hundreds of sources, including Shodan’s attack surface exposure data, to deprioritize vulnerabilities automatically if compensating controls are in force, track risk reduction trends over time and help organizations measure and report on the effectiveness across hybrid environments.

The service also offers rule based integrations between VMDR and IT service management tools such as ServiceNow and JIRA, along with dynamic vulnerability tagging, allowing users to assign remediation tickets automatically to prioritized vulnerabilities and bridge the gap between security and IT teams.


Preemptive attack alerts with external threat intelligence from more than 180,000 vulnerabilities and 25 threat and exploit intelligence sources are natively correlated with vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to alert teams on vulnerabilities exploited by malware or those used in an active malicious campaign.

Qualys Qflow technology saves time and resources with drag-and-drop visual workflows to automate time-consuming and complex vulnerability management tasks, like vulnerability assessments for ephemeral cloud assets, alerting for high-profile threats or quarantining high-risk assets.

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