June 9, 2023

Its usual that Russian hackers being a serious threat to businesses and infrastructure in both developed and under developed countries, but the tables have turned upside down, and now Russia is increasingly the focus of attacks.

Few reports emerged denoting that Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the Russian government’s Security Council during which cyber attacks were a focus. Apparently the number of attacks targeting state-owned companies, financial institutions, medical providers, and news websites in the country have increased several-fold.


Targeted attempts are being made to disable the internet resources of Russia’s critical information infrastructure, and that “Serious attacks have been launched against the official sites of government agencies. Attempts to illegally penetrate the corporate networks of leading Russian companies are much more frequent as well.

Putin Statement

Notable targets for these attacks include Russia’s second largest bank VTB, online marketplace Avito, e-commerce company Wildberries, tech company Yandex, food delivery company Delivery Club, and video hosting website RuTube. Putin believes the best countermeasure is a focus on domestic technology and equipment, while also acknowledging sanctions have meant technical support for foreign software and products has stopped.

Focusing on domestic technology to make IT systems more resilient may prove much more difficult than Putin realizes. With access to the latest PC hardware disappearing, it seems Russia’s IT future relies on a slow Chinese x86 CPU and legalizing software piracy.

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