December 11, 2023

Hackers have targeted Discord groups in an attempt to get users to click on malicious links.

NFTs are assets built on blockchain technology to represent artwork, videogames and other digital artifacts. The hacker’s targeted NFT projects such as Memeland, PROOF/Moonbirds, RTFKT, as well as the Web 3 infrastructure company CyberConnect. Bots flooding a Discord channel with spurious links does not equal a hack.


Among the victims is “Axie Affinity,” the popular play-to-earn game. Given there was $615 million stolen from Ronin in March, there wouldn’t be much left to hack from “Axie.” At the absolute worst, bots were hacked, but none of the so-called victims was actually hacked.

The key takeaway is that the potential attack chain of cryptocurrency or NFTs has to be secured as if it were a high-security government agency.

If an attacker finds a vulnerability in a regular finance service or website, they still have to take a lot of steps to turn that vulnerability into stolen value. The immutability of the blockchain cuts both ways and sometimes it is not on the side of the good actor.”

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