September 25, 2023

Data protection giant Veeam introduced a new version of Kasten K10, it’s backup and recovery platform for Kubernetes environments.

Kasten K10 platform enables companies to create backup copies of the data in a Kubernetes environment and recover them if the original data becomes unavailable because of various issues. It can also be used for several other tasks, such as moving workloads between public clouds.

Veeam has added a ransomware detection mechanism that can spot malicious attempts to encrypt a company’s data. A new console in Kasten K10’s interface enables administrators to more easily manage user access to a Kubernetes environment. The console makes it possible to create rules regulating which users may access a Kubernetes environment.


Veeam K10 now provides integration with two of the industry’s most popular cryptographic key management services: Amazon Web Services Inc.’s KMS and HashiCorp’s Vault.

Veeam’s latest update is to make Kasten K10 easier to use. Veeam has equipped the platform with several automation features designed to simplify administrators’ daily work.

Kasten K10 V5.0 can automatically ensure that newly deployed applications adhere to configuration best practices. Kasten K10 prevents an application from deploying if it contains configuration issues that may increase the risk of a data breach. It can also block workloads that don’t have backup and recovery features set up correctly.

The platform also helps companies address configuration issues in workloads that are already deployed. An organization may require that an application retain data for at least one year as per the industrial standards. Kasten K10 can detect if the application only retains data for six months, then adjust its settings automatically to address the issue.


The new features for AWS users are part of an entire series of upgrades designed to make Kasten K10 work better with third-party solutions. Veeam has added tools that make it easier to back up business data in the SQL Server and PostgreSQL relational databases.

Kasten K10 V5.0 is set to become generally available in June. The new release is rolling out following a year in which adoption of the platform increased significantly.

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