September 22, 2023

Reports has been emerged that Italian luxury automobile manufacturer Ferrari’s official website was hacked to promote a fake NFT collection. 

Ferrari recently announced launching its official NFT collection, and hackers probably took advantage of this news. The fake NFT collection was presented as the official one to trap potential buyers.


The attackers hijacked the subdomain ‘’ of the company’s official website and hosted an NFT scam titled Mint Your Ferrari.

The attackers lured visitors to purchase NFT tokens, claiming that it was Ferrari’s official 4458-horsepower NFT series that the company launched on the Ethereum network.

It’s been revealed that scammers exploited a flaw in the Adobe Experience Manager on the official website of Ferrari to hijack its subdomain and host the encrypted NFT scam content.

It is reported that the hacked site also prompted users to connect their MetaMask wallet to the site. Ferrari also recently announced its plan to debut its official Metaverse, the scam seemed legit to unsuspecting users.


The loss was minuscule only with 800$, since the fraud was quickly discovered, and the subdomain was shut down.The funds were transferred to Tornado Cash by the scammer.

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