December 5, 2023

It’s been reported that websites belonging to Russian alcohol companies were disrupted by a DDoS attack between May 2nd & 3rd by Ukrainian hacktivists which reportedly disrupted alcohol shipments.

As per local law in Russia, Alcohol producers and distributors are required to register their shipments with the EGAIS portal, loosely translated as the “Unified State Automated Alcohol Accounting Information System.”

Government sources quoted in the report claim that the site is running normally, and any excessive waiting times are merely due to heavy demand.


One of the companies, Fort, had failed to upload about 70% of invoices to EGAIS due to the outage, according to the report. Its supplies of wine to retail chains and restaurants were apparently disrupted on May 4 due to the incident.

The attack forced one firm to stop shipments for a day as warehouses overflowed with products unable to be moved to distribution centers.

According to the report, the domains,, and were listed on the Ukrainian “IT army” Telegram channel. This is a hacktivist effort coordinated by the Ukrainian government, whereby prominent Russian sites are listed as targets, and volunteers are urged to DDoS them.

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