December 1, 2023

Microsoft publicized Microsoft Purview, a product that will bring together the Azure Purview data governance service with various Microsoft 365 compliance solutions.

Last year it launched Azure Purview in general availability and now merges it with its Microsoft 365 Compliance portfolio to provide a unified offering for customers.


  • Helps you gain visibility into assets across your entire data estate.
  • Enables easy access to all your data, security, and risk solutions. 
  • Helps safeguard and manage sensitive data across clouds, apps, and endpoints.
  • Manages end-to-end data risks and regulatory compliance.
  • Empowers your organization to govern, protect, and manage data in new, comprehensive ways. 

The new offering branded Microsoft Purview includes data governance from Microsoft Data and AI and compliance and risk management from Microsoft Security.

The offering will also be complemented by identity and access management, threat protection, cloud security, endpoint management, and privacy management capabilities.

With Microsoft Purview, the company aims to assist customers in seeing their assets across their entire data estate, safeguarding and managing sensitive data across clouds, apps, and endpoints, and managing risks and regulatory compliance.

Microsoft Purview brings together unified data governance from ‘data and AI’ and risk and compliance solutions from security.

The company also announced the general availability of Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention for macOS endpoints, the expansion of more than 50 sensitive information types, multi-stage retention in Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management, and more functionality to Microsoft Purview eDiscovery (Premium) to improve identification of relevant data in Teams.


At present, Microsoft Purview is available for Azure customers in the Microsoft Purview governance portal, and customers of Microsoft 365 E5 or Microsoft E5 Compliance can use the Microsoft Purview compliance portal.

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