December 3, 2023

The Anonymous has collectively given a call for a cyberwar against Russia. The call was made after Russia attacked Ukraine without any provocation. Since then, around 5.8 TB of Russian data has been published by the notorious group.

Constantly news about a cyber attack on a Russian firm flashes. While the call was made to help Ukraine and put pressure on Russia to take their step back.

Several fake accounts were opened under the name of Anonymous on Twitter. While some of them were asking for money via bitcoin, others were interested in gaining more followers.


Anonymous was quick to point out those scammers who were trying to make money or gain followers on Twitter. There are many Twitter accounts under the name of Anonymous. Some of them are real, while others are just trying to make money.

Since the war broke out between both countries several sanctions have been imposed on Russia. While Ukraine is still trying to defend its ground against the Russian Army. Ukraine has shown a lot of strength in this war against Russia. Many videos were being posted online about how Russian soldiers were giving up their armaments.

Anonymous collectable has given this cause a name #oprussia. Anonymous has vowed to release more data belonging to Russian entities and the government, including a commercial bank.

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