December 9, 2023

Verica joined with open-source AWS cloud security tool Prowler to offer a new enterprise-focused paid version of Prowler.

Prowler is a tool that assesses AWS accounts to ensure they follow best AWS security practices. The tool offers assessments, audits, incidence response, continuous monitoring, hardening and forensics readiness.


The tool contains more than 200 controls covering a raft of standard practices: CIS benchmarks, PCI/DSS ISO27001, EU GDPR, HIPPA, Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council compliance, SOC2, AWS Foundation Technical Review, ENS and custom security frameworks.

Prowler runs from the command line and can be used on a workstation, an Amazon EC2 computing instance, Amazon Fargate or any other container, Codebuild, CloudShell and Cloud9.

Verica’s new Prowler Pro is claimed to be an evolution of Prowler Open Source, providing an enterprise-grade security tool to ensure AWS security best practices. Available through the AWS Marketplace, the Pro version is claimed to make it easier to deploy in AWS cloud accounts for customers interested in getting all information from one or multiple accounts.

Prowler Pro offers continuous monitoring, faster execution, personalized support and transparency into data with customizable dashboards.


Prowler Open Source will continue to be available for security professionals at GitHub.

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