September 30, 2023

Mandiant will use CrowdStrike’s Falcon EDR in delivering incident response services and consulting engagements to customers under an agreement.


Mandiant which recently agreed to be acquired by Google for $5.4 billion will extend its Mandiant Managed Defense service to CrowdStrike’s Falcon customers as part of the arrangement.

The collaboration as bringing together industry leading capabilities for helping organizations defend against cyberattacks in an increasingly complex threat environment.

This partnership between two mission-focused companies strengthens cyber defenses at a time when cyberattacks have become a notable business issue faced by organizations

Together they deliver capabilities that incident response teams want. EDR everywhere to discover what happened, and incident response capabilities to recover from the attack and eradicate any persistent malware left behind.


Mandiant’s core expertise is around incident response and consulting, CrowdStrike is a major player in the EDR. The company’s expertise lies in delivering technology for detecting and responding to vulnerabilities and security incidents. Analyst have consistently ranked the company’s Falcon platform as among the leaders in the endpoint and workload protection category.

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