September 27, 2023

Fortinet announced the release of FortiOS 7.2, the latest upgrade to its operating system and the foundation of the Fortinet Security Fabric with more than 300 new features enhancing security with performance and scale.

FortiOS 7.2 offers artificial intelligence-powered FortiGuard security services and offers further consolidation of security point products across networks, endpoints and clouds. These enhancements enable FortiOS to further protect hybrid networks in the face of an escalating threat landscape while also helping organizations achieve digital acceleration.


A new AI-Powered FortiGuard Security Services, that natively integrated across the Fortinet Security Fabric to deliver automated and coordinated security in real time. The service uses ML and AI models informed by unified data sets feeding on networks, endpoints and clouds, rich independent research and comprehensive industry collaboration.

The new inline sandbox is claimed to take the traditional detection sandbox capability into real time in-network prevention to stop both known and unknown malware, with minimal impact on operations.

According to Fortinet, the result is better ransomware protection when compared with solutions that allow suspicious files into the network and then must chase down malware once it’s identified.


Advanced device protection automatically discovers and segments operation technology and IoT devices based on their unique network features, maintains asset inventory, and uses pattern matching to enforce appropriate policies and automate remediation. Outbreak detection enables a faster response to outbreak attacks through immediate alerts and threat hunting scripts that automatically identify and respond to new threats to provide security operations center teams with faster time to detection and remediation.

The new release also offers what Fortinet describes as SOC-as-a-Service. The idea is to free up SOC teams to focus on major executions by offloading all tier-one analysis to Fortinet’s global team of experts. Within the new release is a dedicated IPS system that enables migration from separate hardware to a next-generation firewall while preserving operations and compliance practices.

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