September 26, 2023

Zelensky’s address to the Knesset were attempted for interruption but the moto of attackers were foiled by the Knesset’s cyber unit and the National Cyber Directorate which fought large number of cyberattacks

The attempts to attack the Knesset’s communications infrastructure and disrupt Zelensky’s address, which was viewed by many Israelis at home and on the streets, were all foiled by the cyber unit, the Knesset’s Spokesperson stressed.


Israel’s government and other Israeli officials have recently been the targets of several Iranian-linked cyberattacks and hacks into personal phones and computers.

In a speech to Israeli ministers and MKs, Zelensky used the platform to complain about Israel not doing enough to help his country since the invasion of Russia.

Zelensky requested Israel to send its Iron Dome missile-defense system to protect Ukrainian civilians from Russian airstrikes, praising it as the best missile-defense system in the world, before for Israel to impose sanctions on Russian businesses.

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