October 4, 2023

SolarWinds has issued an alert to warn customers of potential cyberattacks targeting unpatched Web Help Desk (WHD) instances.

The WHD helpdesk solution provides a ticketing system, service and asset management capabilities, a centralized knowledge base, Active Directory integration, and more.

Solarwinds  started investigating the report and that it is working with the customer, but that it hasn’t managed to reproduce the scenario yet.


“A SolarWinds customer reported an external attempted attack on their instance of Web Help Desk (WHD) 12.7.5. The customer’s endpoint detection and response (EDR) system blocked the attack and alerted the customer to the issue,”

Solarwinds Statement

SolarWinds recommends that Web Help Desk customers ensure that their WHD implementations can no longer be accessed from the internet, at least until potential risks are assessed.

The targeted WHD version was released in May 2021. Newer releases address several medium-severity vulnerabilities and migrate to newer versions of Apache Tomcat software  to improve overall security but it’s unclear what flaws the attackers were targeting for exploitation.

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