December 11, 2023

Cloudflare, CrowdStrike and Ping Identity Corp are teaming up to form the Critical Infrastructure Defense Project, a project that will provide free cybersecurity services to vulnerable industries.

Designed to enhance defenses against critical areas of enterprise risk. Eligible organizations under this project will have access to the full suite of Cloudflare zero-trust security solutions, endpoint protection and intelligence services from CrowdStrike and zero-trust identity solutions from Ping Identity.


The project will also offer an easy roadmap that businesses in any industry can use to implement step-by-step security measures to defend themselves from cyberattacks.

The security features available to organizations through the Critical Infrastructure Defense Project provide a zero-trust model for securing networks, endpoints and identities of organizations and critical threat intelligence for teams at risk of attack. Hospitals and water and power utilities in the U.S. are encouraged to apply to be part of the program.

The timing of the project comes as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues and, alongside that, a rise in hacking and cyberattack. The DHS &  CISA  has issued multiple warnings about Russia targeting businesses.

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