December 3, 2023

Anonymous says it has hacked Russian TV news channels and streaming services to broadcast footage of the war in Ukraine.Earlier today, the group said it was involved in the ‘biggest Anonymous op ever seen’ after hacking into various Russian news channel including Moscow 24 and Russia 24, as well as streaming sites to share footage of the war. 

The hacking group has previously declared a ‘cyber war’ against Vladimir Putin’s government following the invasion of Ukraine. 

Last month Anonymous released a chilling warning to Putin, telling him his ‘secrets may no longer be safe’.

In the past several days a full scale invasion has commenced, civilian neighbourhoods have been bombed and innocent people have been killed.Refugees are fleeing the violence and the population is being forced into conscription by Ukrainian officials. The message continued: “Members of Anonymous have declared cyber war against your aggressive regime, with numerous government websites being taken offline in the past several days. 


“A few downed websites is only the beginning, though. Soon you will feel the full wrath of the world’s hackers, many of whom will likely reside from your home country. Your secrets may no longer be safe and there is a chance that key components of your government’s infrastructure could be hijacked.”

The message ended: “The people of the world will resist you every step of the way. This is not a war that you can win, regardless of how powerful you think you are. We are Anonymous. We are legion. Expect us.”

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