December 6, 2023

CrowdStrike introduced a new threat protection suite to deliver identity theft prevention and information technology policy enforcement called Falcon Identity Threat Protection Complete, the service is pitched as offering the industry’s first fully managed identity threat protection solution.

Falcon Identity Threat Protection Complete brings together the Falcon Identity Threat Protection module and the Falcon Complete managed service to deliver expert management, monitoring and remediation.


Identity has become the new perimeter and attackers are increasingly targeting credentials to infiltrate an organization. Nearly 80% of cyberattacks leverage identity-based attacks to compromise legitimate credentials and use techniques such as lateral movement to evade detection quickly.

CrowdStrike says defending against identity-based attacks requires a mix of technology and human expertise, ensuring organizations can respond swiftly to these threats. With Falcon Identity Threat Protection Complete, organizations can run an effective and mature identity security program without the burden, costs and time associated with building one internally.

The service stops identity-driven attacks by giving users automated protection and real-time detection from Falcon Identity Threat Protection, augmented with expert incident response from Falcon Complete. The combination is described as expediting the containment and eradication of identity threats.


Falcon Identity Threat Protection Complete also shrinks the attack surface with comprehensive visibility across all systems within an organization, along with identity monitoring to eliminate blind spots. This product is  generally available for customers immediately. Falcon Complete also comes with a Breach Prevention Warranty to cover costs should a breach occur within the protected environment.

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