September 30, 2023

Russian hacker group Killnet hacked the official website of Anonymous, which makes cyber attacks on all institutions, especially the Russian Presidential site.

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues at full speed in the virtual world. After Russia’s decision to attack, the world’s most popular hacker group Anonymous launched a cyber attack on Russia to support Ukraine.

Anonymous, which attacked the official website of the Kremlin Palace , the website of critical institutions such as the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Russian Foreign Ministry , stopped access to these sites.

After the attacks of Anonymous, the Russian hacker group Killnet attacked the official website of Anonymous.


After Anonymous’s website crashed, Killnet shared a message from its social media accounts, announcing that they had attacked Anonymous’s website and closed it to access, and called on the citizens of the countries that left Russia and the Soviet Union.

Arguing that an information war was started against Russia with fake images, Russian hackers wanted no one to believe these images.

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