September 21, 2023

Kaspersky has launched four new subscription tiers for anyone looking to boost their security online. 

The new product line will include a completely new user interface and experience and offer consumer protection in security, privacy, performance and identity, with new values for new threats and solutions. 

Kaspersky Basic 

Kaspersky Basic offers triple-layer security protection to detect and block threats in real-time.  Features in this tier include scan, safe browsing, file anti-virus, pre-Kaspersky virus removal and Microsoft Window troubleshooting and emergency recovery. The Basic plan is only available on Windows devices. 


Kaspersky Standard 

Kaspersky Standard packs extended security features, including anti-phishing, two-way firewall, network attack blocker and intrusion prevention. 

It also features performance tools, including quick startup, PC speedup, unused apps, large files, duplicates, and do not disturb and game modes, along with core privacy functionalities such as stalkerware detection, double protection for webcam and mic, adware remover and anti-banner.  Kaspersky Standard works with Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices. 

Kaspersky Plus 

The Plus tier includes all of Kaspersky’s features across security, performance and privacy. This includes everything from Kaspersky standard, along with a few more privacy and performance features. 

Added privacy features include Kaspersky VPN, account check, devices on my network, password manager, file shredder and secret vault, while performance features include HD health monitor and backup and restore. Plus is available on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. 


Kaspersky Premium

The Premium tier includes everything found in the Basic, Standard and Plus plans, along with a handful of identity features. 

These include scam and prevention assistance and access to Kaspersky’s identity theft resolution service. Premium users will also receive identity theft insurance and exclusive premium support services. Kaspersky Premium works with Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. 

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