December 8, 2023

Microsoft announced  that Microsoft Defender for Cloud now also comes with native protection for Google Cloud Platform environments, providing security recommendations and threat detection across clouds currently in will be in preview stage.

Defender for Cloud is a security solution that monitors cloud services for threats, makes recommendations to harden security posture, and detects and warns of vulnerabilities in protected multi-cloud and hybrid environments. The support for GCP comes with a simplified onboarding experience, more than 80 out-of-the-box recommendations to harden your environment.


Defender for Cloud’s GCP support comes with out-of-the-box suggestions that make it simple to configure GCP environments following security standards such as Center for Internet Security benchmarks, protection for critical workloads running on GCP, and others.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud protects the most critical workloads running in GCP, including containers and servers. Protection for server and container workloads is provided by Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and it includes endpoint detection and response (EDR), which is an expanded set of services based on traditional antimalware, and attack surface reduction (ASR). Microsoft Defender for Cloud also provides the following features:

  • Server-focused vulnerability assessment
  • Behavioral alerts for virtual machines (VM)
  • OS recommendations across security baselines
  • Missing OS updates
  • Adaptive application controls (AAC)
  • File integrity monitoring (FIM)

In November, Microsoft also announced native multi-cloud CSPM support for AWS during the Ignite 2021 conference, with easy onboarding by connecting the AWS master account. This extended Microsoft Defender for Cloud container protection capabilities to support Amazon EKS Kubernetes clusters and Defender for Server capabilities to AWS EC2.


After AWS and GCP onboarding, security teams now can get an overview of the security state of their org’s multi-cloud environment, Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), from a single place, on the Defender for Cloud portal’s asset inventory page.

Organizations can now easily understand and manage their security posture across clouds and protect their workloads from a central place  no matter if they’re running in Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), GCP, or on-premises. It also makes Microsoft the only cloud provider who enables you to manage security centrally and natively across clouds,” Eric Doerr, CVP of Cloud Security at Microsoft.

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